Recovery Cymru June 2020
The Million Steps Challenge

About Us

Recovery Cymru is a recovery community for people overcoming alcohol / drug problems in Cardiff and the Vale. All our activities are community led and are based upon people with lived experience supporting others to recover and help others to do the same. Our ‘RC Family’ supports people to be themselves, overcome their problems, improve their quality of life and find meaning.

We run two open access recovery centres (365 days per week across the two centres plus evenings), including group work, recovery coaching, telephone support and social diversionary activities.

Our aims are to:

1. Develop the peer led recovery community, in which people recover from alcohol and
drug problems;

2. Raise awareness of recovery, challenging stigma and discrimination.

3. Assist in developing recovery-focused substance misuse treatment systems.

We responded to the challenges of lockdown by transferring all our activities ‘at a distance’. Within one day we were delivering at a distance, contacting hundreds of people in the first week and building our ‘distance delivery’ programme so we are still ‘OPEN’ 365 days per year. Our virtual doors are still ‘open-access’. We’re offering telephone, video, text and email support daily, and online groups 6 days per week. Also, check out our flourishing online community – showing that recovery is possible and probable, even in Covid-times.

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Why we are taking part

Recovery Cymru is taking part in this challenge to raise funds for our recovery hubs – our ‘real world’ recovery centre and our newly established ‘distance support’. The ‘RC Family’ is at the heart of our delivery and these physical and online spaces enable us to support, train and stay connected to our members, volunteers and staff. We also believe that meaningful activity, staying active and ‘being part of something bigger’ are important to us all, not only those in recovery - and we can do this together via The Million Steps Challenge!

One Million Steps

90 Days 500 Miles

1st October 2020
The National Challenge

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The Million Steps Challenge:

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Walking is great for our physical and mental health. But we tell ourselves we can’t find the time, we’re tired, we’ll start tomorrow.

But, big things can happen from very small beginnings. Walk, jog, run or even dance your way to a million steps. It all adds up to an awesome 500 miles!

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Everyone participant receives an introduction to mindfulness and strength and conditioning.

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But that's not all!

It's A Celebration of Movement and Wellbeing and we care about your health and wellbeing.

500 miles is amazing and we want you to be your best

From habit loops to food labels and meditation to body strength content and videos to keep you moving – because every step counts!

Strength & Conditioning

Everyday exercises for the whole body


An introduction to meditation and positive living