One Million Steps

Building a healthier world for giving®

One Billion Steps Taken I 500,000 Miles Walked
£100,000+ Raised for Social Good

The National Walking Challenge
15th July 2024

Where Will Your Million Steps Take You?

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Charities (and your partnered businesses), we understand the crisis

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One Million Steps

100 Days, 500 Miles

Walking is great for our physical and mental health. But we tell ourselves we can’t find the time, we’re tired, we’ll start tomorrow.

Walk, jog, run or even dance your way to 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. Those one million steps add up to awesome 500 miles!

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One complete system 

Track steps, connect with friends, and get amazing content including Introduction to Mindfulness with 9 audio tracks and a Fit For 15™ Strength and Conditioning Program with 6 Videos

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Digital Package with Million Steps App £15

Track your steps with Google Fit or Apple Health, add steps manually or even sync your own devices

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Join with a Bluetooth Pedometer and Million Steps App £19.99
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EVERY participant receives an introduction to mindfulness and strength and conditioning content too!

* Full package includes Bluetooth pedometer and specially designed app.

For businesses

Need a perfect solution to a healthier workforce? 

Our challenge is an engaging way of improving staff wellbeing and helping good social causes in your community.

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For charities

Is your charity ready to scale its fundraising?

Our challenge allows the smallest community group to the largest international charity to scale their fundraising efforts and get people moving.

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… but that’s not all!

It’s a 100 day journey and we care about health and well-being. From habit loops, meditation and strength exercises. We want to keep you learning and moving – because EVERY step counts!

Understand Habits

Build them with free printable habit tracking charts


Everyday exercises for the whole body with 6 Videos


An introduction to meditation and positive living and 9 audio tracks

Help us #SpreadTheGood so we can reach our social good mission!