Life For African Mothers 1st May 2021
The Million Steps Challenge

About Us

Life for African Mothers arose out of a 2005 TV programme, which focused on the ongoing tragedy of maternal mortality, Each year over 300,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth. SubSaharan Africa carries the greatest burden of these deaths and in 2000, addressing this challenge was deemed to be important enough to be one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

By 2005, little progress had been made in reducing these deaths, yet saving these mothers was acknowledged as being one of the easiest of the Goals to achieve. One third of these deaths are caused by a catastrophic condition called post-partum haemorrhage (PPH), which can be prevented, or treated using a medication, which is readily available in developed countries.

This is where LFAM is focusing its efforts in assisting countries to reduce maternal deaths.

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Why we are taking part

Every £1 raised could save two lives. This also means less orphans. The impact is powerful as it allows communities to grow and thrive.

It is widely acknowledged that 99% of maternal deaths are avoidable and one third of these deaths, caused by PPH (postpartum haemorrhage) can be prevented using a medication which costs less than 50p per mother to provide.

Our organisation is able to acquire donations of this precious medication and in the past four years alone, we have shipped sufficient medication to enable around one million mothers to access it free of charge; however we have to fund the air-freighting costs.

We are currently providing this medication to the whole of Sierra Leone and Liberia, two hospitals in the Eastern Congo, 13 health facilities in Somaliland and two hospitals in Western Cameroon. As a result of keeping mothers alive, we are helping to improve the survival chances of babies and children.

LFAM feels that the loss of these mothers is an avoidable tragedy, which can be addressed, given the necessary resources

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